Bosley's Angels Maine Coons

Breeding & Selling Maine Coon Cats & Kittens

Pet price for CFA Registered kittens is $2500 USD, unless noted otherwise.  We accept PAYPAL, fees to be paid by buyer.   I only accept a deposit once you have chosen your kitten, I do Not accept deposits on unborn kittens so that you can be on a waiting list. If you contact me by phone and/or through FB Messenger, I will gladly put your name on a list with your preferences. Kittens can be shipped.  All fees must be paid by purchaser prior to shipment booking.  (Health certificate, crate cost, transport)            (307) 272-0435

We will have kittens available mid 2023!  Use the Facebook link above to go to our Bosley's Angels Facebook page for more updated info and a Whole Lot more pictures!
Victoria and Jumanji's kittens born June 7, 2015.  All are SOLD
If you click on the Facebook symbol at the top of the page, it will take you directly to their Facebook page where there are MORE PICTURES

Belmont - Blue Cream Torti - RESERVED

Derby - Cream Silver Male - RESERVED

Preakness - Black Smoke Torti Female - RESERVED

Below are pictures of Nala and Zander's last litter from August 2014.  SOLD
"Olaf"  Brown Classic Tabby Male - SOLD
"Sven" Silver Classic Tabby with White Male RESERVED

"Gerda" Brown Mackerel Tabby Female SOLD
"Elsa" Brown Mackerel Tabby with White Female SOLD

"Anna" Brown Mackerel Tabby with White Female - SOLD

Just for fun photos of Olivia & Stanley's 5/28/2012 litter.
OLIVIA HAD 6 KITTENS 5/28/12 SIRED BY STANLEY - BLUES & SILVERS - Mostly classic tabbies, 4 males & 2 females